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Eyes relaxing and focusing 3.0

This product will allow you to train your eyesight during the break
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Eyes relaxing and focusing software is specially designed for all the millions of people who use computers daily and are prone to eyes-related problems and strains. This special application has been developed to make you more comfortable to work for hours together before your system. With this tool you can maintain a balance in adapting yourself with your work in the most convenient way. The application comes along with various options like: general options that allow the application to start with the Windows, visual training that comprises the automation start and the manual start, set the application to start for exercise within a particular interval of time, priority options settings, and color settings.
This application also comprises the eyes examination center; here you can take a test that will detect your eyes efficiency. This test level comprises of test type having the line test, symbol test and the color test. You can even increase the difficulty level of the test that ranges from 5% to 100%. The test also displays the accuracy results after the completion of the test.

Surendra Keshav
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  • Allows your eyes to relax for a few minutes to drain out stress
  • Eye relaxing exercises can be run at user specified intervals
  • Visual training comprises the automation start and the manual start
  • Compatible with your Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003/2008/Vista


  • Not much of an useful software that an user would want to buy
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